Understanding Contemporary Art

contemporary arts

Contemporary art is all about images, music, poetry and objects. It can be in any form, shape, and size. This form of art is all about grasping images, ideas, color, sound, light and words and converting them into an art form. This creative art inspires and kindles our spirits. It is all grasping what is around us and converting them into images that convey a message. It can be about a person’s life and the atmosphere they live in. Van Gogh and Cezanne created these art forms to bring order in their lives that were chaotic. The art form can be marked between the 60’s and 70’s till the recent times.

Contemporary Art characterizes different styles and medium that can be classified as political, conceptual, social, feminism, globalization and multicultural forms. Between 1860 and 1970 existed the Modern Art that depicted cubism, impressionism, abstract expressionism, etc. The contemporary art form can be classified as Graffiti art that was the outcome of spontaneity and necessity. It was to delivery one’s ideas to the outside world. In the words of Marcus Antonius Jansen, Graffiti is all about voicing the potential of color, urgency, vibrancy and a movement. Jansen furthered that there was a coincidence between European art form and graffiti as both conveyed socio-political content.

There is no division between culture, media and art as artists now beg, borrow, recycle and steal earlier art forms including classical and modern art irrespective of its movements, style, and techniques. Abstract Art form is a deliberate process and is created using a more conscious technique that is intense and conveys emotions, content and ideas. This form of art does not create figurative images it focuses on memories, thoughts and emotions that are addressed from the viewers’ point of view.

Assemblage Art is considered to be non-traditional art form made by combing various objects and is sometimes a combination of junk from the streets. This is a modern art movement that was promoted by artists like Ed Keinholz, Robert Rauschenberg among others. These art forms can be termed as raw yet are beautiful. It is created taking ordinary objects and making them special. Photographic art is more about observing the events with sharpness and discrimination. There are four major approaches to this form of visualization, and this includes, 2 dimensional shape, texture characteristics, 3 dimensional outlines, and color that also include black and white.

In conceptual art that forms the centerpiece is the idea when compared to the conventional doctrines. Needless to say, great art is beyond time and can seek attention during any period. It expresses the true personality of the artistic statement uplifting its personality. Similar to music art is the emancipation of the soul. It liberates us that is trapped inside us. Daisaku Ikeda Buddhist philosopher once said, ‘art causes such joy’. Just like music that can open up your heart, art can open up the soul. It has the ability to make you weep with sadness that was deep inside you that you never realized. Karl Paulnack of Boston Conservatory Music Division says that music can make you understand what is going inside you.

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