Trends In the Contemporary Art Trend


There are many issues faced by the contemporary art trend. They range from global issues and economics to illness, race, sexuality, politics, etc. Contemporary art is known to combine several styles. Its influences include figurative works, abstraction, performance, conceptual ideas, symbolic narratives, and writing. The medium used for this kind of paintings include clay, resin, pastels, charcoal, photography, marble, human body and many different kinds of objects. Physical sciences, literature, poetry, popular cultures, and much more offer influences to the contemporary art form. Since the 1960s, these art forms have been very popular.

The blurring of styles has vague the distinction that was present between sculpture, painting, film, performance, dance and architecture. The art form that is known today as the modern art was classified as action painting, cubism and surrealism around the 1960s. Those art forms were more clearly defined using brush strokes, colors, canvas, mediums, and techniques. After the mid 20th century, globalization has highly affected the art style. Diffusion of divisions and borders among many countries led to the fusion of art as well. Today’s art embraces various cultural influences. One can call it as a recreation process.

Many people call the modern art as negatively provocative, whereas it is a positive thing. Modernization is all about accepting the newness present in everything. How come a person does the same form of art and calls himself or herself as a postmodern artist? There is no flaw in becoming a modern artist. The modern time artists connect themselves to the monuments and things they look around. It helps them build new ideas about their new piece of art. The idea is what should be reflected in the art and nothing else.

A few artists bridge the modern art with the contemporary art form so well that their ideas are loved by everyone across the world. When you look at such art forms, it might look simple but later on it becomes more complicated and fascinating. As a viewer, the longer you contemplate it, the more will you learn from it. Artists of contemporary art have faced a few global issues in the past. However, these things go on without any halt in the art world. When it comes to philosophies, everyone is free to feel of his or her desire. No one can be stopped in this stance. All you can do is appreciate your type.

Instead of criticizing in one way or the other, art should be loved. Modern art or contemporary art all come with some beautiful message. These messages need not be covered with controversies. Art is a spiritual form of explaining something. It was never aimed at hurting somebody’s feelings. There are many art forms practiced around the world. On one hand, people enjoy postmodernism, and on the other, there are people who still believe in the beauty of solely contemporary art. Go with the flow and enjoy the beauty of whatever allures you.

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