The Origin Of Modern Art And Its Significance

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Art enthusiasts are always in awe when it comes to understanding the history of modern art. Despite being regulars at galleries and collecting exquisite pieces of modern art the confusion still prevails among art collectors. What many fail to realize is that contemporary and modern art are from two different periods. Some also called it ‘avant-garde’. This is a term that was used a century ago to explain modern art. As the name suggests contemporary art form is of more recent origin and start from the 1960s to the current period. Contrary to this modern is a term as the art form in between 1860 and 1970.

An art form that is modern yet designed after the 1970s is called contemporary. Museum of Modern Art was renovated between 2002 and 2004. It is built in 630,000 sq ft area with no columns and just walls, ceilings, and floor. This is a modern structure yet styled after the 1970s so can be called contemporary. Understanding the term postmodernism is essential. The term was used lavishly in the 1970s in art criticism and essays. This form of art echoes the changes in the economic and social systems. Moreover, the critics and essays converged with the coming of contemporary art.

Contemporary art is philosophical and is socially conscious and includes various media and styles when compared to the previous era. It can be called experimental art and include hybrid styles that merges with various art history periods ranging from the past to the current. There is a very thin line between the painting and sculpture, and this can be vague. Of recent computer technology has become part of this merge. Contemporary art form addresses a lot of issues that is not restricted to just social, economic, political messages; it goes beyond and addresses multiculturalism, feminism, globalization, AIDS, bioengineering and many recent trends.

People often misconstrue modern as contemporary. Understanding modern art is important. This dates back to the 1860s and came to the frontline with the efforts of Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir among others. Some of the highlights of the work include romanticism of the 1800s, Baudelaire, a writer in the year 1846 called artists to sketch their time and the impressionist art event held in Paris in 1874. Modern art has a long span of history of over 100 years that let loose of experimentation and tradition and embraced impressionism. Images were created in the open with brushstroke being clearly visible and images unfrozen.

The modern art movement embraces Van Gogh Cezzane’s impressionism, Munch’s expressionism, Matisse Derain Fauvism, Picasso Braque’s cubism, Man Ray’s Dadaism, Duchamp’s conceptual art and the list goes on. These are modern artists that have influenced the modern art movement. The origin of the word modern can be traced 500 years back. It is used to depict the typographic styles that were contemporary. The word modern can also be used to indicate European history that also dates back to 500 years. In the late Middle English Modern was written as Madern. It used the latest techniques, equipment or thoughts.

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